1. A sad note

    Hello Truebies.

    This is not a fun message to write but Jessi and I have discussed this and we just don’t see another option. It is my sad duty to let you guys know that WDBTWY will no longer be posting new screencaps.

    Jessi has a new job that comes with a crazy new schedule and I have a new shift that comes with longer hours, so neither of us has the time or the energy to keep up with sheer number of caps that we usually do. We had hoped to bring in some new admins to help us out, but there was no interest. So we decided that we would leave this blog open as an archive so that the old caps are all still available, but we will not be adding more.

    We may, on occasion, reblog posts or post the odd True Blood related thing we find, but we don’t promise any type of regularity with it.

    And finally, we want to say thanks to you guys. You made this so much fun for us. The comments, and questions not to mention the haters (and your reactions to the haters) made everything so much fun, and that is also what makes this so sad for us. Thank you all for your support and if things change for either of us, we may be back. Neither of us wants to give this up but we simply don’t have a choice at the moment.

    If anyone is interested in becoming an admin, the offer still stands and we will consider any and all inquiries.

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  2. An apology and an opportunity

    First of all, Jessi and I want to apologize to everyone. We’ve been full of fail the last few weeks. The problem is that Jessi started a new job, and I’ve got new hours at my job so by the time Sunday night rolls around, we are both dead on our feet and have no energy to cap and post. So we are very sorry for the lack of caps lately.

    And that leads me to the opportunity portion of this post. Because  Jessi and I are not able to cap as much as we’d like, we thought it would be a great idea to bring on a couple more Admins to help out.

    So that means you guys! If you are interested in joining WDBTWY as an admin, please send us a message and let us know. And I’m sure we are going to get a few people, so to help us out, why don’t you grab a few caps from this week’s (August 14th) episode and show us what you’ve got. They can be straight screencaps or if you want to get creative (like we do on occasion) show us the original cap and a graphic of it too. Totally up to you.

    Jessi and I will take a look at the applicants and let you guys know who we choose by the end of next week. In time to start on the next True Blood episode! So if you’d like to become the newest admin of Wanna Do Bad Things With You, post your message along with links of your work into our ask and we’ll let you know one way or the other by next Friday!

    Good luck and we are excited to bring on a couple of new members!!

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  3. Episode 7: Cold Grey Light of Dawn

    Livestream starts in 10 minutes. 


    Also, to those of you who were confused about last week’s lack of caps:  Pottermore sucked us all in, so between staying up all night and having to work we weren’t able to post any caps.  Tonight’s episode will have caps following immediately.  :)

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  4. Just an fyi

    Caps will not be going up tonight. Jessi, David and I were up until 5 am getting registered for Pottermore (yep, we are nerds all the way) and I had to work all day today, so we are all off to get some much needed sleep. But I do promise a ton of caps tomorrow night. Sorry! If you have suggestions or requests, just send us a message and we will do our best to get them tomorrow!

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    On now: Couples Retreat.  At 8pm: Boardwalk Empire.  At 9pm EST (6pm PST): True Blood Episode 6 - I Wish I was the Moon.  Enjoy! 


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  6. Anonymous said: are you going to have a link up for the new show tonight?

    Yup! We just got a hold of it :)  Posting it in a sec!

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